Water Cut-Off

Seal Trust™ Water Cut-Off is a gray solvent based caulk designed to be used under the membrane to prevent water infiltration. It meets OTC VOC requirements.

Available in 10.5 oz. fiber caulk tubes or 5 gallon pails.

Physical Properties:

Color: Gray
Viscosity (eps): 40# .104= 15-20 sec./20 gms.
Sievers Rheometer Density (#/GAL.): 11.0#
Solids: 86
Flash Point (F): 14 F TCC
Base: Synthetic elastomers, resin(s) and filler(s)
Solvent System: Aliphatic Clean-up
Solvent: Mineral spirits, VMP naptha, kerosene
Storage: May be stored outside if protected from water.
Packaging: 5 gallon pails, 10.5 oz. fiber caulk tubes (10 or 25 tubes/ctn)

Water Cut-Off