Splice Adhesive

Seal Trust™ Splice Adhesive is a black adhesive designed for use as a seam adhesive during the installation of EPDM membrane systems where seaming together two sheets are required. It may also be used as a contact adhesive to bond membranes to suitable substrates as a bonding adhesive substitute. It is a viable alternative for bonding both EPDM and TPO in vertical and horizontal situations.

Available in 1 gallon cans

Application Instructions:

This adhesive must be thoroughly mixed prior to and during use. Recommended application instructions are printed on the container label. Meticulous care must be exercised prior to use of this product in the preparation of the seams to be lapped or spliced. The use of Seal Trust™ Splice Wash or Low VOC Splice Wash is highly recommended along with the use of Seal Trust™ Tape Primer to properly prep the seams prior to splice. Use Seal Trust™ Lap Caulk after the seams have been spliced to protect the seams until total cure has been achieved.

Splice Adhesive