Low VOC Splice Wash

Low VOC Splice Wash is a clear solvent used to clean dirt and containments from single ply roof systems. It is used on old membranes to remove dirt prior to application of tape primers or seam adhesives. Change rags or applicator pads frequently! Do not allow product to puddle on EPDM or TPO for long periods of time. Discarded rags should be disposed of properly and will be a flammable hazard. No smoking or open flames on the roof while using this product. This Low VOC formula is for use in OTC states.

Available in 1 gallon cans

Application Instructions:

This product should be scrubbed into the EPDM or TPO surfaces thoroughly to remove surface debris. Change rags frequently. Always clean an area in excess of the area to be covered. When used with clean membranes such as EPDM or TPO this wash is not required. Use solvent resistant gloves when using this product.

Low VOC Splice Wash