Latex Bonding Adhesive


Seal Trust™ Latex Bonding Adhesive is a white water based roofing adhesive used in adhering EPDM or TPO membranes to various substrates. Product goes on white and dries by evaporation to a clear film.

Available in 1 gallon cans or 5 gallon pails

Application Instructions:

Each gallon covers approximately 100 square feet ONLY. Apply enough adhesive to roof substrate so that membrane will be coated by adhesive when rolled into it. MEMBRANE MUST BE LAID INTO WET ADHESIVE. Wrinkles may be brushed out while adhesive is still wet. ON HOT DAYS, THE ADHESIVE MAY DRY TOO FAST TO USE THIS PROCEDURE. If so apply a thin coat of adhesive to the roof surface and the back of the membrane. For highest initial bond strength join after film becomes tacky. Initial tests indicate that adhesives may be used at temperatures as low as 40F. DO NOT ALLOW MATERIAL TO FREEZE. Meets OTC VOC requirements.

Latex Bonding Adhesive