Cover Tape

Seal Trust™ TPO Cover Tape is cured EPDM cover rubber with specially formulated butyl mastic extruded together for typical roofing applications such as cover for most metal terminations including gravel-stops and drip edge, and extensively used for horizontal patching, seam repairs and seam overlays. This peel and stick product has long term heat and chemical resistance and gives Seal Trust TPO Cover Tape the ability to remain flexible in harsh conditions. Surpassing the industry standards for tack and shear strength our cover tape products provide superior holding power for long life and high durability. Industry standard roofing membrane cleaners and primers must be used to clean the membrane before application. Used with EPDM, TPO, and some PVC roofing membranes.

Cover Tape sizes: 4″ x 25′ | 4″ x 100′ | 5″ x 100′ | 6″ x 25′ | 6″ x 50′ | 6″ x 100′ | 9″ x 50′ | 9″ x 100′ | 12″ x 50′

Application Instructions:

Always clean and prime membrane using roofing industry standard products for tape applications such as Seal Trust™ Tack Back™ Primer or Low VOC Tape Primer. Allow primer to dry before installing tapes. TPO Cover Tape is not for use in flashing applications. Product is a peel and stick cured cover tape. Used for covering metal termination bars, drip edge, and/or all purpose bar in seam applications etc. Apply in primed area by peeling release paper off of 6-12 inches of tape. Stick the tape onto the membrane, while continuing to pull release paper off. Make sure you start on a straight line. Continue pulling release paper off as you move down the pre-primed area. Use sharp scissors for cutting the cover tape. Use metal seam roller with some force perpendicular to tape for proper adhesion.

Cover Tape