QuickSeal Tapes

Trio of Black, White, and Fabric variants of QuickSeal Tapes by Seal Trust

QuickSeal Tapes


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QuickSeal Tapes

QuickSeal tapes from Seal Trust™ are pressure sensitive adhesive tapes, which remain flexible even in cold temperatures. QuickSeal tapes may be used on metal roofs to strip in side laps, end laps, and other penetrations prior to the application of a coating system (with the use of QuickSeal Fabric Tape). QuickSeal tapes may also be used on EPDM, TPO, CSPE/Hypalon, CPE, SBS, APP modified, asphalt BURs, all metal roofs, tiles, aluminum, galvanized steel, gypsum board, wood, polyethylene, propylene, polystyrene, fiberglass, brick, concrete, masonry and OSB. This product may be used to repair gutters, chimney flashings, and metal roofs on mobile homes and transport vehicles. QuickSeal tapes make a watertight seal. Can be installed in temperatures down to 20°F (with EPDM Tape Primer). Available in black, white, and fabric. The fabric facer is designed to be coated to match the surrounding roofing surface. The white TPO facer makes QuickSeal tapes UV resistant.

Storage: Store in warehouse without excessive heat. Do NOT store long term on roof.
Shelf Life: 5 years if stored between 60° and 80° F.

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QuickSeal Tapes Application Instructions:

QuickSeal tapes may be applied to clean, dry surfaces from 20°F to 170°F. Always clean and prime membrane using roofing industry standard products for tape applications such as Seal Trust Tack Back™ Primer or Low VOC Tape Primer. Install QuickSeal tapes over repair areas. Remove liner gradually to prevent contamination of adhesive prior to application. Rub or roll with pressure (preferably with a steel roller) to activate the bonding process. For low temperature application (below 40°F down to 20°F), treat surface with EPDM Tape Primer prior to application and maintain tapes at room temperature (+60°F) prior to application. Apply roof coating to fabric surface of tape when using QuickSeal Fabric Tape.

Physical Properties:
Color: White (Black & Fabric Available)
Solids: 100
Odor: Not Determined
Adhesion: To most clean, dry substrates/surfaces

Weight-201808-- lbs
Dimensions-201808-- × -201808-- × -201808-- in