Neoprene Bonding Adhesive

Neo Bonding Adhesive

Neoprene Bonding Adhesive


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Available in 1 gallon cans or 5 gallon pails

Product Information:

Seal Trust™ TPO Neoprene Bonding Adhesive is designed for use with TPO membranes to adhere to insulation boards such as ISO and wood fiber and also to wood, metal, masonry and approved roofing substrates. It may also be used as a general contact bond adhesive for both vertical and horizontal surfaces. May be applied using brush, roller or squeegee and also may be sprayed applied using proper equipment.

Application Instructions:

Recommended application instructions for use in TPO projects are printed on the container label. Care must be taken to ensure adequate adhesive coverage when using some substrates with irregular surface patterns. Stir well before use. May be warmed to room temperature before use to promote easier application. Apply a thin coat to both intended surfaces and let adhesive “dry” until it is tacky to the touch. Mate both surfaces and apply mild pressure. Once the intended surfaces are mated, it will not be possible to reposition them without breaking the bond. Membrane should be rolled when completed. CAUTION. Keep bonding adhesive out of the seam areas at all times!

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TPO Neoprene Bonding Adhesive Physical Properties:

Color: Neutral to Translucent yellow Viscosity (eps): #3 @ 20 rpm= 2000 cps ± 400 cps
Density (#/GAL.): 7.34#
Solids: 22 ± 2
Flash Point (F): -25F TCC Base: Neoprene rubber and resin(s)
Solvent System: Aromatic and ketone
Clean-up Solvent: toluene

Storage: May be stored outside if protected from water. Packaging: 1 gallon (4 gal/cs) or 5 gallon pail

Hazards: Extremely flammable. Avoid repeated skin contact or the breathing of concentrated vapors. Use in well ventilated areas away from heat, sparks, fire, flame and ignition sources. Vapors are heavier than air and may travel a considerable distance to an ignition source and flash back. Do not inhale vapors above TLV as listed on the SDS.

1 Gallon Freight Classification:  UN1133, ADHESIVE, 3 PGII NMFC# 170060 CLASS 60

5 Gallon Freight Classification:  UN1133, ADHESIVE, 3 PGII NMFC# 170060 CLASS 92.5

Available in 1 gallon cans or 5 gallon pails
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