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Lap Caulk


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White Lap Caulk
Available in 10.5 oz. tubes

Product Information:

Our TPO lap caulk is available in 10.5 oz tubes in both black or white for use in single ply membrane applications such as EPDM or TPO. Standard caulk gun is required for application. Product should not be screed or smoothed after application. This caulk is meant to prevent water infiltration into seams and overlaps prior to the adhesive setting up. Usually 24-48 hours depending on temperature and humidity.

Application Instructions:

TPO lap caulk is used when applying splice and/ or bonding adhesives where membrane is overlapped. Prevents initial moisture infiltration before the adhesives are set. Standard caulk gun required for use. Once plastic top is cut you must puncture the tube through the plastic top with a screw driver or long screw or nail to begin application. Do not screed or smooth caulk once applied. All seams that were glued or installed should be caulked at the end of each day.

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TPO Lap Caulk Physical Properties:

Color: White
Viscosity: >20.5 cSt
Solids: 83.6
Flash Point (F): 18C / 64F
Specific Gravity: (at 20C) 1.04 g/cm³ (8.679 lbs/gal
Packaging: 10.5 oz. tubes
Storage: May be stored outside if protected from water

Hazards: Flammable. Avoid repeated skin contact or the breathing of concentrated vapors. Use in well ventilated areas away from heat, sparks, fire, flame and ignition sources. Vapors are heavier than air and may travel a considerable distance to an ignition source and flash back. Do not inhale vapors above TLV as listed on the SDS.

Lap Caulk Available in Black or White

Freight Classification: UN1325, FLAMMABLE SOLIDS, ORGANIC, n.o.s., 4.1 PGII NMFC# 170060 CLASS 60 ” *”

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Dimensions-201808-- × -201808-- × -201808-- in