Roof Tape Primer

Roofing Tape Primer

Roof Tape Primer


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Available in Pints (24/cs), 1 Gallon cans (6/cs), 5 Gallon pails

Our EPDM Roof Tape Primer is a clear product specifically formulated as a primer for single ply membranes before the installation of any and all tape products such as seam, flashing and cover tapes along with pipe boots and patch disks . It is a clear product when dried allowing for use with white and black membranes. Tape Primer must be used prior to the installation of all tape products manufactured by Seal Trust™.


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EPDM Roof Tape Primer Physical Properties:

Color: Clear to neutral
Viscosity (eps): #3 @ 20 rpm=200cps or less
Density (#/GAL.): 7.23#
Solids: 4.8
Flash Point (F): -15F TCC
Base: Synthetic elastomers, resin(s) and filler(s)
Solvent System: Aromatic and Aliphatics
Clean-up Solvent: Mineral spirits, VMP naptha or toluene
Storage: May be stored outside if protected from water.
Packaging: Pints (24/cs), Gallons (6 gal/cs)

Hazards: Extremely flammable. Avoid repeated skin contact or the breathing of concentrated vapors. Use in well ventilated areas away from heat, sparks, fire, flame and ignition sources. Vapors are heavier than air and may travel a considerable distance to an ignition source and flash back. Do not inhale vapors above TLV as listed on the SDS.

Pint & 1 Gallon Freight Classification:  UN1133, ADHESIVE, 3 PGII NMFC# 170060 CLASS 60

Low VOC Tape Primer can be found HERE.

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