Low VOC Tape Primer

Low VOC tape primer

Low VOC Tape Primer


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Available in 1 gallon cans (6/cs)

Low VOC Tape Primer Product Information:

Low VOC Tape Primer is a clear product specifically formulated as a primer for single ply membranes before the installation of any and all tape products such as seam, flashing and cover tapes along with pipe boots and patch disks in all OTC states that require low VOC products. It is a clear product when dried allowing for use with white and black membranes.

Application Instructions:
Always use Low VOC Splice Wash on older, dirty membranes before the use of this product. Change rags frequently when cleaning dirty membranes. Low VOC Tape Primer should be scrubbed into the membrane using scrub pads such as Scotch Brite pads. Allow to dry to the touch depending on temperature and humidity. Always use solvent resistant gloves when applying this product.

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EPDM Low VOC Tape Primer Physical Properties:

Color: Clear to neutral   Viscosity (eps): #3 @ 20 rpm=50 cps
Density (#/GAL.): 7.21#
Solids: 14.2
Flash Point (F): 3.9F TCC
Base: Synthetic elastomers, resin(s) and filler(s)
Solvent System: Esters and Aliphatics
Clean-up Solvent: Mineral spirits

Storage:  EPDM Low VOC Tape Primer may be stored outside if protected from water.  The primer may jell at lower temperatures but will readily liquefy as temperatures rise.  Shake or stir the material lightly before use and every 15 minutes during use.

Packaging: 1 gallon (6 gal/cs)

Freight Classification:  UN1133, ADHESIVE, 3 PGII NMFC# 170060 CLASS 60

Regular EPDM Tape Primer can be found HERE.

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