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F-Primer Tape Primer

F-Primer Black Tape Primer

F-Primer Tape Primer


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Available in 1 gallon round paint cans (4 gal/cs)

F-Primer Tape Primer is designed for use with EPDM and TPO roofing installations to enhance the performance and bond of EPDM seam tape and TPO seam tape. This black tape primer requires initial stirring at the start of each day and periodically throughout the day. It is influenced by both temperature and humidity. Strong initial tack allows for immediate bond of tapes to membranes. This product is not intended for use in OTC states.

Application Instructions:

F-Primer should be stirred thoroughly prior to use and then scrubbed into the EPDM surface thoroughly using scrub pads such as Scotch-Brite pads. Change applicator pads frequently and cover an area in excess of the area to be seamed. The use of Seal Trust™ Splice Wash prior to application of this product is recommended on dirty, old membranes to remove all surface contaminations and enhance the performance and bond of EPDM seam adhesives and primers. When used with clean TPO, this primer is a cleaner and primer and the use of Toluene Splice Wash is not required. This product dries black use caution when using with white or colored membranes. Clean up with mineral spirits.

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F-Primer Tape Primer Physical Properties:

Color: Black   Viscosity (eps): #3 @ 20 rpm=750 cps or less
Density (#/GAL.): 6.85#
{caa914c204b1119fb3ddf612b08b76802b03c1f9b8e71b690c389a73edd07169} Solids: 17 +-1.5
Flash Point (F): -15F TCC
Base: Synthetic elastomers, resin(s) and filler(s)
Solvent System: Aromatics and Aliphatics
Clean-up Solvent: Mineral spirits, VMP naptha or toluene

Storage: May be stored outside if protected from water. Packaging: 1 gallon cans (4gal/cs)

Hazards: Extremely flammable. Avoid repeated skin contact or the breathing of concentrated vapors. Use in well ventilated areas away from heat, sparks, fire, flame and ignition sources. Vapors are heavier than air and may travel a considerable distance to an ignition source and flash back. Do not inhale vapors above TLV as listed on the SDS.

Freight Classification:  UN1133, ADHESIVE, 3 PGII NMFC# 170060 CLASS 60

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