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Patch Disks

Patch Disks

Patch Disks


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Available in Black or White

EPDM Patch Disks Information:

Seal Trust™ Patch Disks are uncured EPDM membrane available in black or white with butyl mastic sealer die cut into 8” round disks. Can be used for flashing corners, as repair patches, or t-patches and anywhere required on EPDM, most TPO and some PVC membranes. Membrane must be cleaned prior to installation using Tape Primer.

Application Instructions:

Patch Disks are a multi use product used in inside/outside corners, t-joint covers, and patching or repairs of both EPDM and TPO membranes. Always clean and prime membrane using roofing industry standard products for tape applications such as Seal Trust™ F-Primer or Low VOC Tape Primer. Lap Caulk should be used around all the outer edges of the disk for proper application. Use 3” steel roller for final installation step. Be careful to avoid fish mouths or air bubbles.

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Resistant to: Weather, water & water vapor, (5{caa914c204b1119fb3ddf612b08b76802b03c1f9b8e71b690c389a73edd07169}) acidic or basic solutions
Effected by: Petroleum, grease, oil, solvents, vegetable oils, and animal fats
Product Storage: Store in warehouse without excessive heat. Do NOT store long term on roof.
Shelf Life: 1 year if stored between 60° and 80° F.

Physical Properties:

Color: Black
Solids: 100{caa914c204b1119fb3ddf612b08b76802b03c1f9b8e71b690c389a73edd07169}
Odor: Slight Hydrocarbon
Penetration: (ASTM D 217) : 100/130 mm
Volatile: {caa914c204b1119fb3ddf612b08b76802b03c1f9b8e71b690c389a73edd07169} by Volume: None
Adhesion: To most clean, dry substrates/surfaces

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