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roof tape primer


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Available in Pints (24/cs), 1 Gallon cans (6/cs), 5 Gallon pails

Our TPO Roof Tape Primer is a clear product specifically formulated as a primer for single ply membranes before the installation of any and all tape products such as seam, flashing and cover tapes along with pipe boots and patch disks . It is a clear product when dried allowing for use with white and black membranes. Tape Primer must be used prior to the installation of all tape products manufactured by Seal Trust™.

TPO Roof Tape Primer Physical Properties:

Color: Clear to neutral
Viscosity (eps): #3 @ 20 rpm=200cps or less
Density (#/GAL.): 7.22# {caa914c204b1119fb3ddf612b08b76802b03c1f9b8e71b690c389a73edd07169}
Solids: 4.8
Flash Point (F): -25F TCC
Base: Synthetic elastomers, resin(s) and filler(s)
Solvent System: Aromatics and Aliphatics Clean-up
Solvent: Mineral spirits, VMP naptha or toluene
Storage: May be stored outside if protected from water. Packaging: Pints (24/cs), Gallons (6/cs), 5 gallon pails