Pitch Pan Sealant


Seal Trust™ Pitch Pan Sealant is a two part pourable filler for the sealing of roof pitch pans used around stacks and pipes on flat roof surfaces. The tough urethane product allows for flashing pipes that can not be flashed using pipe boots. Pitch pans are available from several companies including Chemlink.

Application Instructions:
Pour contents of Part B reactant into the gallon can of Part A and mix well. Then pour into the pitch pan pocket around the pipe being sealed. Caution do not mix together until the prep work has been completed. Once mixed together the materials will only have a 20-30 minutes time frame to be poured before materials start to harden. Once hardened the materials are not usable.

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Physical Properties:

Color: Black
Viscosity (eps): Part A Brookfield #6 @ 4= 100,000-200,000 cps
% Solids: 100 Part B Brookfield #3 @ 20= less than 100 cps
Density (#/GAL.): 10.76#/gal
Flash Point (F): Greater than 300F
Base: Urethane
Solvent System: None Clean-up Solvent: Before cure, use an aromatic solvent such as toluene. After curing, material will have to be cut and abraded from surface.

Packaging: 2 part system. One gallon paint can and 5 oz. plastic bottle contents yield .9 gallon of finished material.

Hazards: Use with adequate ventilation and avoid contact with skin or eyes. MDI (Part B) may cause allergic skin reaction or respiratory sensitization in susceptible individuals. Refer to Dow Papi 27 SDS for additional information on the reactant.

Freight Classification: Roofing products NMFC# 170060 CLASS 55

Additional information

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