Seal Corp USA is the manufacturer of Seal Trust EPDM accessories for the single ply roofing market. This is our twenty fifth year as provider for these products. Our program allows roofing distributors to sell roofing contractors EPDM cover, flashing and seam tapes, plus a complete line of accessories for maintenance and repair of existing rubber roofs and the products needed for installing new projects.

Our multi width and length EPDM products allow you to sell to contractors only what they might need with small size rolls of our tape products and single gallon cans of our adhesives and primers. We also manufacture full size rolls of all tape products and full size packaging of the primers, adhesives, and caulks for the larger contractors.

We also offer a full line of EPDM adhesives for OTC states that include Low VOC primers and Low VOC Bonding Adhesives. Our pricing and packaging gives you, the roofing distributor, a product line that is available with complete confidence in quality to give your contractors the products they need to install and or repair most single ply membranes at a substantial cost savings. These products are not available for direct sales to contractors.

This program also includes marketing tools that include  pocket application guides, training seminars and a free show room rack to reinforce the Seal Trust name to your customers.

Seal Trust Single Ply EPDM Tapes and EPDM Adhesives give you quality products at reasonable prices.

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