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About Us

Your #1 Roofing Tape & Accessories Supplier

Seal Trust is manufactured by SealCorp USA located in Evansville, Indiana. Established in 1991, SealCorp USA offers a complete line of tapes, adhesives, and accessories for repair of single-ply membranes and specializes in new product ideas and custom formulations.

A midwestern company with midwestern values, SealCorp USA’s products are researched, produced, and tested to the highest standards. They are created based on needs in the roofing and sealant market.

Our multi-sized products allow you to sell contractors only what they need, with small rolls of our tape products and gallon cans of our adhesives and primers. We also manufacture full-size rolls of all tape products and full-size packaging of the liquid primers and adhesives for larger contractors. We have a full line of roofing adhesives for OTC states that include low VOC primers and low VOC bonding adhesives. 

Our pricing and packaging allows you, the roofing distributor, to offer your contractors the products they need for the install and repair of most single-ply membranes.